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The Ghana Calvary Methodist United Church in Canada exists in response to God’s invitation, with those who share a commitment to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, to be a community to know Christ better and to make him better known to people everywhere, and to equip for ministry all who respond in faith.

Ghana Calvary Methodist Church in Canada, Toronto office.



Welcome to Ghana Calvary Methodist United Church

We’re glad that you chose to visit us. Our church has been offering hospitality and hope to the community since 1996.  We do this because we are followers of Jesus: who welcomed anyone who wanted to talk, work or eat with him.  In his presence, people found new hope for their lives. May you find here a living spirit of Love and peace of God. Feel free to browse our website. You’ll find information about our upcoming activities, recent sermons, etc.

Come visit us in person! We expect that you’ll experience warmth in our people, touched by the hospitality of Christian fellowship and moved by the hope that God has offered the world through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. We hope that you will find at GCMUC, food for faith and a doorway to God.




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